H&R Block 2017 Taxcut Software – Deluxe + State $9.95

H&R Block 2017 Taxcut Software - Deluxe + State   $9.95

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$5 backout discount is back. Takes the price of the Deluxe + State down from $14.95 to $9.95. Includes 5 free federal efiles. Probably works on other options as well .

$5 off Backout Offer
Select deluxe + state or higher and add it to your cart. Fill in all information except credit card and try to close the program. It will stop and offer you $5 off, but only if you "buy now". Returning to the cart will apply a discount to the product in the cart. In previous years you could then change the product in the cart to any edition you prefer with the new pricing (I did not verify for this year).

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