Nettuno & Mercurio, first automatic Aged in Italy watch


Our mission is to revolutionize the market for vintage watches by manufacturing pieces of history for the present and the future

About this project

Hello and welcome to the latest project by Pegasus Watches Venezia. We aim to redefine the vintage watch concept. The brand creates high-end unique and unrepeatable timepieces, classic and elegant pieces of historyfor the present and the future never made obsolete by new technology. In fact, this watch was designed to be an heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.

We are launching the first “Aged in Italy” watch, 100% handcrafted by skilled artisanswith absolute accuracy for every detail according to the traditional features of the twentieth century. We aim to manufacture brand new watches that look aged from the dial details to the packaging. The aging process requires great skill and is made possible by the experience of the best Italian craftsmen. Our mission is to revolutionize the market for vintage watches by offering a completely new product, more reliable and affordable than old watches. Sounds interesting? So keep reading



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