New Generation Lazy Holder with Magnetic Qi Wireless Charger


Lazy holder with magnetic wireless charging for home/office/car use! Support IOS/Android device. For iPhone 6/7/7plus/Samaung/Huawei.

About this project

World first one that brings magnetic wireless charging into a stereo space, which makes the charging in any suitable direction you like!

What is Lotus. Qi?

Lotus. QI is the world first innovative kind of lazy holder, which perfectly combined the magnetic QI wireless charging technology with kinds of holder in one smart product. With the 360 degree rotation and the hight adjustment features, the metal hosepipe holder provides a comforable way of daily life for users. The magnetic Qi wireless charging makes the charge effortless and phone took and put conveniently. So, it offers a great solution for a comfortable and convenient life! To meet the different occasion’s needs, we totally designed four different types. Anywhere anytime with you!


September 28th, 2016 by
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