Walmart Baby Welcome Box Free + Free Shipping

Thumb Score: +10 Baby welcome box is available to order; Order delivery within 5 weeks. Walmart Baby Welcome Box Free [] Scroll down to Perks & guarantees Section & Click on Baby Welcome Box New Sign up page opens; Fill required information and Click on Get Started Source: Hot deals

Lowe's -Swanson Tool Company Big 12 with Speedlite Speed Square – $2.49 YMMV

Thumb Score: +7 Lowe’s has both the Big 12 and Speedlite Square in one pack on sale for $2.49. YMMV for pricing and availability as I’ve checked few stores around me and some are still showing $5.98 where others are on sale for $2.49.…1000638885…1000638885 Source: Hot deals

Lowe’s – 3 WD-40 8-oz Lubricant Gift Pack- $2.49 YMMV

Thumb Score: +24 Lowe’s has 3pack of 8oz WD40 for $2.49 Pack contains 1 8oz WD40 specialist gel lubricant, 1 regular 8oz WD40, and 1 8oz silicone. YMMV, zip code used is 07095…1000683047 Source: Hot deals

Monoprice M565 Planar Magnetic Open Back Headphones $79.72 FS

Thumb Score: +21 These are open back headphones, so they do have quite a bit of sound leakage. Not many reviews on them, but the price is great for them! Link [] Also available are the Monoprice M300 [] In-ear planars for $79.00 (open box) + FS Both have free shipping, so any small item…